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Let's meet where exports are rising at the speed of light.

"According to the latest independent audit report of Işık Plastik who is exporting to nearly 60 countries., as of September 30 2020, share of exports in total sales is 78 percent ”. Offering Industrial Sheet and Thermoform Food Packaging products under one roof, Işık Plastik gains an important competitive advantage in export. In addition to its 14,807 m² of closed plant area, Işık Plastik who will have a total closed area of 26,678 m² with its new facility of 11,871 m² which is planned to start production in August 2021, will continue to be the rising star of the sector in the future as it is today.

We live with our technology and
professional workforce.
We grow together.

"STRONG PRODUCER" who complies with corporate management principles, acting with the philosophy of being road-friends with customers, reaching its brands in 60 countries spread on 5 continents and who is clearly leader in Turkey at the "Industrial Plastic Sheet and Thermoforming" food packaging category. Işık Plastik continues to grow rapidly with its machineries equipped with the latest technology and great production capacity, young and dynamic management staff, 250+ employees and 20,000 tons of plastic sheets and 18,000 tons of plastic packaging and masterbatch production capacity.
Our brands:
Policam" Indutrial Plastic Sheet Product Group
Vivapak" Thermoform Product Group
Granuls" Masterbatch/Compound Product Group

To work with the best means to be the best.

Işık Plastik is one of the leading and innovative players in the sector in plastic food packaging. The leader in food packaging criteria such as hygiene, quality, rapid response to sudden third-season demands, standard and special design. In the written and unprinted product segment, the production process, which is made untouched by inline machines, has been registered with high scores in the audits carried out by independent audit institutions in terms of hygiene. Işık Plastik finds its thermoform products to be on the shelves of the world's major retail chains from America to Japan with its Vivapak brand.

We Add Value to the Industry.

Işık Plastik meets its products together in architectural structures, greenhouses, artistic design applications, food packaging, fair and exhibition areas, lighting applications, medical products, technology, communication, transportation, security, shortly wherever life is experienced.With Passion…



Located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, which is the strategic base of expot. IŞIK-1 with 14,807 m² closed area and IŞIK-2 factories with 11,878 m² closed area, total area of ​​22,689 m², have production bases that produce with advanced technology and open to the world with professional human resources,

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