For a better life

Today, Işık Plastik continues to grow rapidly with its 250+ employees, machine park equipped with the latest technology and enormous production capacity. Founded in 1988, Işık Plastik has been continuing its production since 2000 in its own factory with a total area of ​​22.689m2 and a closed area of ​​15.467m2 located in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. Işık Plastik company has made investments in food packaging made of plastic and industrial plates made of plastic. The Board of Directors of Işık Plastik has acted on the principle that the investments to be made are special products that will highlight them in the long term. With its unique know-how and experience in extruded plastic industrial sheet production, Işık Plastik is justified with its uninterrupted and quality service in many sectors such as outdoor advertising, display, construction, greenhouse, lighting, white goods, security, automotive, furniture and sound barrier. has gained a reputation. In Line Thermoform food packaging lines and high-capacity production lines have accelerated and became a determinant in the sector with the production of food packaging without human touch. The young and dynamic management team works with the goal of continuous improvement by constantly reviewing the business functions. As an indicator of this, it was registered as an R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2018. In the same year, TPM and MES studies were also initiated. Currently, 2 different projects have been approved and completed as Tübitak projects.