Our Mission

Our mission is to produce disposable containers, food packages, industrial-purpose plates, compounds and masterbatches from plastic raw materials and to sell them domestically and abroad.

Our Vision

• Being conscious on environment due to that the produced product is manufactured from recycling plastics, and it complies with the environmental laws and regulations and that it is not engaged in any activities that may pollute the environment,

• Using raw materials appropriate forfood since its utmost sensitivity to human health,

• Aiming to assume pioneering and leadership in its sector,

• Always taking care to use the latest technology,

• Being respectful to the regulations on international consumer rights,

• Supporting all kinds of legal regulations in its field,

• Collecting happy people together under its roof

Our Quality Policy

• To design and produce products that comply with laws and regulations under international standards,

• To follow and implement the technological and sectoral developments,

• In line with customer expectations and needs; to be a strategic partner for its customers with its economic, reliable product design and manufacture,

• To ensure the sustainability oftotal quality management performance and its continuous improvement,

• To train its employees in accordance with the quality management and principle of production in hygienic conditions,

• To provide support for the development of its suppliers and partners that it works together with, to perform inspections in this direction,

• To adopt environmental consciousness as corporate culture by adhering to legislations on the environment.

Our Food Safety Policy

• Our Food safety Policy is to ensure our product is produced in accordance with ourfood safety management system for consumer health and food safety;

• By trained personnel who has taken hygiene training,

• With raw material appropriate for food

• By proper machinery and equipment,

• In a hygienic environment,

• In compliance with customer requests and legal regulations,

• In economic way of production

General Manager