OHS Policy

This policy has been created in order to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all employees as well as to ensure the employees to be in a workable business environment in accordance with T.R. Labor and Social Security Ministry Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. Fulfillment of these policy requirements and achieving the targets and commitments will be possible along with the participation of Employer, General Manager and all employees.
In the direction of above-mentioned, OHS Policy of ISIK PLASTIK SANAYI ve DIS TİC.PAZARLAMA A.Ş. is the following; While our company is conducting its activities in high-quality level, it hereby declares:
• To aim to attach priority tooccupational Health and Safety and to apply it in technology and methods used in all working conditions and environments,
• To determine potential risk points that may lead to accidents and to prevent and terminate work accidents and risks by enabling corrective actions in order to avoid these and to ensure management of accident risks systematically in terms of occupational health and safety,
• To provide continuous trainings for all employees in order to enable them to be conscious of their individual OHS responsibilities,
• To mutually share OHS experiences gained along with public, private sector bodies and civil society organizations, To fulfil the requirements stated in articles of Law, Regulations, Legislation and Notifications in forceconcerning Labor and Social Security Ministry Regulations, to review the policy in proper time intervals or when required and to develop the system continuously.

General Manager