Işık Plastik, which started production in 1997, established the R&D department with its current engineer staff shortly after the installation process. Research and Development activities gained importance with the realization of important projects. Işık Plastik, which has always achieved the firsts in its sector, received the title of R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2018.

research and development


Işık Plastik R&D Center aims to diversify and enrich the value it adds to its customers by producing new products with high added value with its qualified employees by adding its R&D power to its products and technology. In this sense, Işık Plastik has strengthened its R&D center with new investments every year.


Increasing the export potential of our country by increasing the competitiveness of the projects carried out within the scope of R&D activities, localizing the imported products, increasing information sharing with university collaborations are among the objectives of the Işık Plastik R&D Center.


Today, Işık Plastik R&D Center continues its activities with 131.65 m² Laboratory, Test, Prototype Workshop and 80 m² Office area and 211.65 m² total area with existing devices, equipment and information technology devices. The project-based laboratory increases the quality of equipment and devices with its investments in R&D every year.


It carries out qualified R & D projects with its experienced and qualified research and technician staff. In this way, it develops customer-oriented products with high added value. In addition to having a staff of doctorate and master's degrees, it encourages its R&D Center personnel to graduate education. Işık Plastik attaches importance to the participation of R & D personnel in training for professional development and competence development.


In addition to its experienced staff, it receives Academic Consultancy service within the scope of the project as well as domestic and foreign universities collaborations within the scope of university industry cooperation. Productivity-enhancing products, which are planned to be brought to the sector, are being worked on with joint projects carried out within the scope of university collaborations. With the importance given to the project management process, the R&D Center reveals the needs that determine the subject of the projects and the innovative aspects of the project through feasibility studies. Among the completed and ongoing projects in this direction are TUBITAK (TEYDEB) approved and joint projects with International Collaborations. R&D Center Personnel for R&D activities participate in domestic and international Symposiums, Congresses and Conferences every year.


Işık Plastik R&D strategic targets have been defined in three different time periods; Short-Term R&D Center Targets: Increasing R&D activities, Providing training to the personnel at certain intervals in order to increase the qualification of the personnel, Conducting studies to increase the cooperation between universities. Medium Term R&D Center Goals: Developing products for niche markets, Expanding the product range by developing Qualified Projects, Improving existing products and increasing their performance, Increasing employment by developing domestic products. Long Term R&D Center Objectives: Development of products sensitive to environmental and human health, Acquisition of international certificates, Strengthening the intellectual property infrastructure, Refining the number of know-how products. Proceeding rapidly in line with these goals, Işık Plastik continues to direct the sector with its R&D output products.