In Işık Plastik, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene and ABS-based Compound & Masterbatch’s are produced via computer controlled production facilities having LCM technology. Product quality is ensured by auditing developed laboratory equipment. For the color gained by the Best Compound & Masterbatch’s production, computer controlled gravimetric feeding system is used to minimize the deviations in product formulation. Masterbatch: It can be produced for film, bottle, injection, packaging, thermoforming and pipe applications with low density polyethylene and polypropylene carrier, on the other hand for white goods and automotive industries it can be produced with polystyrene or ABS carrier. The pigment rates which will be used in white masterbatches produced by Işık Plastik are determined in accordance with customer requirements and needs of the application area. Işık Plastik has a facility infrastructure necessary to make it possible to use various inlay material, additives and carrier polymers in production of masterbatch & compounds. Compound: It can be produced in Işık Plastik facilities for big bag, pipe, garden furniture, white goods, automotive and packaging industries in various formulations with polymer carrier. Best Compound has a product portfolio consisting of different rate and type inlay materials in order to meet various customer and application area demands.