Erzurum Bus Terminal

Product: 8mm Solid Polycarbonate
Total: 750m²
Year of Construction: 2015

Turkish Airlines Cargo Terminal Ataturk Airport

Product: 16mm Policam Corrugated PC White Polycarbonate Sheet
Total: 10555m²
Year of Construction: 2014

Çatalca Customs House Directorate Roof and Tunnel Work

Product: 10 mm Policam Corrugated PC Bronze Polycarbonate Sheet & 8 mm Policam Corrugated PC Clear Sheet
Total: 10 mm Bronze: 5600m² / 8mm Clear: 715m²
Year of Construction: 2014

Historical Atlantis Shopping Center Skylight Project Nantes / FRANCE

Product: 8mm Green IR (Infrared Properties) Policam PC Solid Sheet+ 3mm Clear Policam PC Solid Sheet+ 5mm Clear Policam PC Solid Sheet
Total: 8mm IR Green: 2.107m² / 3mm Clear: 1.987m² / 5mm Clear: 1.984m² /
Year of Construction: 2015

Vadi Istanbul Foot Tunnel

Product: 15mm Bronze Solid Polycarbonate
Total: 1600m²
Year of Construction: 2018